How to cook Corned Beef with Potato

Having time to cook is hard to get sometime especially when you were working fulltime. So we need some menu that fit to our time and availability of food we have stocked. Since I just came from vacation last month I bought some can goods for me to stock in my kitchen. But I don’t want to eat can goods directly from it. I usually cooked it like the corned I have here. 

How to cook Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet) with Ground Meat

Last month I post about how to cook tortang talong in a simple way. But now let’s make tortang talong more adventurous. Tortang talong with ground meat it means you can use ground pork or ground beef. Adding ground meat makes the food tastier.

How to cook Pork Menudo

Pork menudo is one of the all time favorite of Filipino. This is usually served every occasion as menudo served with potato and carrots. Menudo is also popular in restaurant, canteen or eatery.
I remember during college days. Borokyo carenderia near our school is one of the best foods in a cheap price. I usually order their special menudo. I really like taste even the potato taste like pork.LOL

How to cook Beef Adobo (Adobong Baka)

This is not a usual dish in the Philippines. Pork and chicken are usually use if you want to eat adobo. Since, pork here in KL is not available for some supermarket and some are double the normal price. I always try this even when I am in Dubai before. I heard that beef adobo is popular in some places in the Philippines like in Batangas. This is a must try menu...
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