How to cook Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet)

Tortang talong is one of my favorite styles when cooking the eggplant. This is best when eggplant are cooked pre-grilled than boiled in water. Tortang talong is a simple and easy to prepare. 

Ingredients for Tortang Talong (Eggplant Omelet)
Eggplant – 4 pieces –medium size
Egg – 2 pieces – beaten
Salt and pepper – to taste
Cooking oil

How I do it
Grill the eggplants; wait until the color of the skin turns to black. (You can also boil the eggplants if it is not possible to grill it.) Peel of the skin of the eggplant once it was already cold. In a bowl, crack the two eggs and some salt and pepper and beat. Place and flatten the eggplants on a big plate or just enough to accommodate the size of the eggplant. Add the beaten egg and dip. Now heat the pan and add cooking oil. Then fry the eggplant and make sure that you cooked it both sides’ ways. It will take about 4 minutes per side.

Serve it with love.

This is the simple way to make tortang talong. Next time I will show you how to make tortang talong with ground beef.  

Sa Tagalog
Ihawin ang talong hanggang ang kulay ng balat ay maging itim. (Maaari mo ding pakuluan ang talong kung ito ay hindi posible na ihawin ito.) Balatan ang balat ng talong kapag ito ay malamig na. Sa isang mangkok, ilagay ang dalawang itlog, kaunting asin at paminta at batiin ito. Ilagay at patagin ang talong sa isang malaking plato o sapat na plato na kasya ang laki ng mga talong. Idagdag ang binating itlog at ibabad. Ngayon initin ang kawali at ilagay ang mantika. Pagkatapos iprito ang talong at siguraduhin na luto ito sa magkabilaan. Ito ay tumatagal ng 4 minuto sa bawat panig.

Ihain ito nang may pagmamahal.
Estimated time to cook:
Preparation time is 10 minutes.
Cooking time is 20 minutes.
Ready in 30 minutes.


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