10 Years

Yesterday, we are in our 10 years of being lovers. We are about 8 years when we got married. So ew are already 2 years married but 10 years lovers. We celebrate it at TGIF Brickroad Cainta near St. Lucia East Grand Mall.

We order our favorite spareribs and we also try their Pork Adobo.  Of course we will not enjoy it without the juices. LOL

Happy Anniversary Bhe!

Here are the photos.

How to Cook Adobong Kangkong (Water Spinach)?

Yesterday my wife asks me to cook her favorite kangkong. It is hard for me since she always cook this menu every time she wants to eat kangkong. So I end up asking her how to do it the way she likes.
She gives me every detail but I’m not comfortable with it. Now, I do my own style the way. I am surprise when she tells that she likes it.

How to cook Pork or chicken adobo without soy sauce (Adobong Puti)?

Yes, you heard it right. We can cook adobo without a soy sauce. This style is still popular is some part of our country in the Philippines. The procedure is almost the same with the regular pork or chicken adobo. Since we will not use some soy sauce we just need to add more vinegar and salt. The taste of adobong puti is quite different from the real adobo and it taste sourer.

How to cook Pinakbet (Mixed Vegetables with shrimp paste)?

How to cook Pinakbet (Mixed Vegetables with shrimp paste)?
Pinakbet is one of my favorite dish to cook and of course to eat also. Even the preparation for this is too long I really love to serve it every week. This is the only food I will never escape once a week. This is very popular in Philippines as one of their traditional food served.
Pinakbet can serve with pork, chicken, fish or even shrimp. But this is only an option; still you can cook it without it. Shrimp paste is also optional if you are allergic with the shrimp. But the taste is different without eat. You can also cooked it even your vegetable list is not complete. For better taste prepare it with fresh vegetables.
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